If you enjoy playing poker and have a hard time tearing yourself away from your computer to go out anywhere, then we have found the perfect application for you. This application ties in beautifully with its online partner, but is in a much more convenient iPhone version, allowing you to take your game anywhere.

This is one of the few poker applications that allow you to play for real money wherever you are comfortable playing. While many people prefer to play on a laptop, they can be a hassle, especially when the battery starts getting low, requiring you to remain tethered to a wall. You can play wherever you like, whenever you want, even if it’s on the subway or in an airport.
The application currently only allows for casual game play right now, they are working on developing a tournament arena for those who prefer that type. The casual game is ideal for those who aren’t sure how much time they have to play, or are just looking to play a few quick hands as they wait.

Just like you would for any other Texas Hold ‘Em game, you can select what type of pot you want to play, like No Limit or Fixed Limit, as well as the limits you play, such as $3/$6 table. You also get to control how many players you want at your table. All of the controls and features are extremely easy to use, and the graphics are excellent.

Playing in No Limit games are a very popular way to play, but can also be dangerous as you can lose all of your money in one hand, even if it is a strong one. Some people prefer the No Limit game, as it adds a thrill that just isn’t met otherwise, and can be a great way to win small pots with a semi-weak hand. There are a certain type of player that fear playing anything but an extremely strong hand in this type of game, which can drag out game play longer and leave you playing far more hands than in a Fixed Limit game.

Fixed Limit tournaments generally mean that you will be able to stretch your bankroll for a longer period of time, and this can be a great way to see how people play a variety of hands, since they tend to play everything. Just putting out $2 or $3 dollars to stay in hand can be far easier than ten times that amount.

Create a gaming profile, or upload the one you have from the main website, to help keep track of your winnings and losses. You can also add or withdraw money from your account with this application, which can be a great relief when you are doing well and want to quit while you’re ahead. Don’t find yourself out of money when you still have hours to kill; just press a few buttons and make a deposit!

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