Cloud Atlas is three hours long but you will not feel that it is a long movie. This is due to the amazing imagery and the smooth transition between the different stories that it presents. The main concept of the movie is that the actions of one person can have a strong impact on another person in the future, the past and the present. It shows how one simple act of good can ripple back across the ages in order to cause a revolution. Cloud Atlas is the kind of movie that you will want to watch several times and each time, you will discover something new. The movie has a star-studded cast that includes Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent and Hugo Weaving among others.

There are six different stories, although some might think that the movie will be confusing but the smooth transitions between one story and another make sure that this does not happen.

The first story was set in the 1800s, it features an American who is sailing for home that is poisoned by the hands of his doctor and enters the slavery world and is guided through it by an African Sailor.  The second story features a composer who finds out that his collaborator is trying to steal his work. The third story takes place in San Francisco in the 1970s where a journalist is investigating a case that is concerned with discrediting a nuclear plant. The fourth story is in 2012 and takes place in London where gangsters are hunting a book publisher. He ends up being committed to a nursing home where he tries his best in order to escape it. The fifth story takes place in 2144 where a cloned slave refuses her situation and ignites a revolution. As for the last story, it features a villager in a post-apocalyptic world who decides to help a woman from an alien race to an important mountain.

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